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Years of experience and highly trained specialists

KABE Ingenieurbüro GmbH was founded in 1979. We are independent Naval Architects based in Hamburg.

We deliver innovative, comprehensive and high-value engineering solutions to the marine market. Our engineering department offers basic design and plant drawings of steel constructions for buildings, underwater structures cable laying equipment.

Longstanding cooperation with shipyards, shipping companies and manufactures of relevant machinery and shipbuilding equipment has contributed to creation of many successful projects as well as to our development.

Our staff members have been actively engaged in work of shipyards' technical departments for many years. Each engineer in KABE Ingenieurbüro is a graduate of technical university with comprehensive 2D/3D CAD training for diversified systems (NUPAS/Cadmatic or Catia), and therfore has been able to support shipyards successfully and efficiently.

Based on years of experience of our designers and maritime engineers in the design and manufacture of technical documentation for superyachts,

KABE Ingenieurbüro created a special project team - KABE YACHTS.

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With a team of qualified engineers and technicians we offer our services in the following technical areas:

KABE Initial Design

Conceptual design package (General Arrangement, 3D Model for visualization),
Weight calculations,
Hull form generation,
Hydrodynamics (power speed & intact and damage stability),
Longitudinal strength, Midship section, Tonnage.

KABE Basic Design

Scantling Calculations,
Main Steel Classification Drawings,
FE Calculations,
Arrangement Drawings,
System Diagrams and Flow calculations,
Arrangement Drawings of Engine Room and Technical Spaces.

KABE Detail Engineering

Workshop drawings,
Nesting & Lofting,
Piping & Cable & HVAC arrangement,
Foundation drawings.

KABE Special Design Tasks

Our highly specialized engineering staff are also open to all unusual tasks and challenges.