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New car-passenger ferry is the newest concept of KABE Ingenieurbüro GmbH and represents a next generation vessel for the transportation of up to 50 vehicles and over 300 persons. The distinguishing feature of the ship is that it does not produce exhaust gases, which means that the emission of air pollutant substances is equal to zero. Additionally, noise and vibrations level is unprecedentedly low as it does not exceed 60 dB in the passenger area and 64 dB in the wheelhouse, which is achieved thanks to specially designed noise and vibrations insulation.

This aluminum double-ended ferry is destined to frequent circulation on a few kilometers passage, i.e. between two sides of the river, gulf or lagoon.

The ship measures 60 m in length and 15 m in width and is planned to be powered by battery electric propulsion, which constitutes a modern method of advanced energy management. Electrical energy for propulsion and ship’s electricity will be stored in batteries. With such equipment on board, a single trip will last approx. 3h with depth of discharge (DOD) battery of less than 80%. During the course of the day, batteries will be subject to partial charging sessions on each stop performed by buffer shore lithium-ion battery. Such charging method will ensure long life exploitation of a battery bank - it is estimated to be efficient for over 10 years. However, it is not the only option of charging. Batteries could be also filled with energy during ferry’s overnight stay in harbor.

The vessel will be also equipped with a double twin-propeller system, two electrical engines for propulsion, azimuthal pods type Z, electrohydraulic steering system, electrical bow thruster and proper communication and navigation equipment.

The sleek long hull is designed to optimize efficiency with very small propeller diameters to ensure the required maximum draft of 1.3m, and at the same time achieve speed of approximately 12 knots at full load condition.

Passengers will be able to enter the superstructure through two automatic glass sliding doors for wheelchairs etc. to take advantage of the passenger area with comfortable seats, and to enjoy the goods available at the service area. Additionally, the main deck will be equipped with ergonomic staircase (with specially designed protective banisters for the little passengers), which will lead to a large and well-appointed sun deck with a number of benches adding charm to the cruise.

Furthermore, from the operational point of view, the vessel will provide a sufficient space for 3-men crew, who will be able to control the ship from the high placed wheelhouse. Such solution will ensure a great view as well as optimal working conditions for the captain.

The concept of the ferry might be delivered in multiple configurations, which gives a possibility of customization to particular demands, such as arrangement, number of passengers and propulsion systems etc. KABE Ingenieurbüro GmbH will propose innovative solutions according to client’s choice whenever such specific requirements occur.

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